Black Scottish Utility Kilt For sale


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Product Description

Black & Red Fashion Scottish Utility Kilt

Men Scottish Black & Red Fashion Kilt with Beautiful Brass Color snaps making it very unique and attractive

Scottish Black Utility Kilt manufactured with heavy duty 100% drilled Cotton.

This traditional highland kilt is very useful for spring and summer highland games as well as for mountain hiking and camping.

We use very soft quality of cotton which is extremely soft and comfortable especially for long hours wearing.

Hardware material of this kilt is of rust free brass material which gives it very long life.

This design of Scottish wear has two long pockets one on each side which is very useful to carry daily accessories like cellphones, Keys, hunting tools and valets.

Size of this style of kilt is not adjustable and is worn for one size only. If it is ordered for 32 it is for 32 only.

Kindly use the standard procedure to select the accurate size of kilt. Traditionally and historically kilts are worn at or near belly button and waist size at this point are normally greater than normal jeans/ pants sizes.

Before purchasing the kilts please measure your waist size at belly button in standard US inches.

Utility kilt is manufactured for waist sizes between 28 and 50 with standard drop length of 24.

Custom made facility are also available for some extra nominal charges.

If kilts are ordered for women/ ladies please specify the desired drop length of the kilt, traditionally it varies between 16 and 18.

To avoid any sizing problem, size confirmation message will be sent, kindly do reply and confirm your selected sizes are accurately measured.

Please note that we operate through different countries like USA,UK , Australia , Pakistan and Canada. To save the time and expedite the delivery process Product will be shipped from best available place, if you have any concerns on shipping country kindly check before the purchase of the kilt.

Black Scottish Utility Kilt

for sale

  • Cargo Pockets
  • Knife Pleat
  • Belt Loops: 2.25 Inches
  • Regular size available from 28 to 52
  • Standard Drop length 24 , it can be adjusted as per customer request
  • Attractive Brass hardware material
  • 100% Heavy duty drilled black cotton
  • Manufactured with Green thread Stitching making it very unique
  • Fresh and newly Handmade item
  • Very comfortable and soft in wearing
  • Can be used for Formal and Casual purpose

Scottish Kilt is manufactured for ONE Size only and Sizes are not adjustable, so please be accurate in providing your All sizes should be updated in standard US inches.

Men Kilts for sale are fastened worn near naval Point (Belly Button) To avoid any sizing problem please measure your, waist sizes and drop length at from the belly button.

Do you know That During the 19th century Scottish kilts were a form of ceremonial dress and worn only for special occasions and primarily to formal events.

Such as weddings sporting events Highland games and holiday celebrations. However, through a global cultural process of recognizing Scottish identity in America.

Reinventing traditions and building the Scottish American Heritage The Scottish kilt is increasingly being recognized as an acceptable.

As casual wear or everyday attire and returning to its cultural roots. The Scottish kilt has become a required uniform for Scotland’s Tartan Army soccer team.

Becoming popular throughout the Highlands and northern Lowlands by 1746 although the great kilt or belted plaid continued to be worn.

The small kilt or Philbert is a development of the great kilt, being essentially the bottom half of the great kilt.


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