Scottish Blue Two toned Modern Kilt


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Product Description

Scottish Blue Two toned Modern Kilt

Scottish Blue Two toned Modern Kilt

  • Cargo Pockets
  • Knife Pleat
  • Belt Loops: 2.25 Inches
  • Regular size available from 28 to 52
  • Standard Drop length 24 , it can be adjusted as per customer request
  • Attractive Brass hardware material
  • 100 % Heavy duty drilled black cotton
  • Manufactured with Green thread Stitching making it very unique
  • Fresh and newly Handmade item
  • Very comfortable and soft in wearing
  • Can be used for Formal and Casual purpose

Scottish Kilts is manufactured for ONE Size only and Sizes are not adjustable , so please be accurate in providing your, All sizes should be updated in standard US inches.

Scottish Kilts are fastened worn near naval Point (Belly Button) To avoid any sizing problem please measure your, waist sizes and drop length at from the belly button.

Scottish Black & Blue Two toned Kilt

Did you know? In the beginning of 1790s, the Phillipa style of kilt was replaced by the tailored kilt, becoming the modern Scottish kilt of today.

The difference between the Phillipa and the tailored kilt is that the pleats of the kilt are sewn down, as opposed to being gathered, folded and belted.

Initially the tailored kilt was worn by the military during the 1790s when they were box-pleated, but there was no tapering.

Civilian tailored kilts were made sometime after, although they weren’t pleated until approximately 1820, when they were pleated to the bottom hem line.

The Gordon Highlanders became the first military regiment to begin using the knife pleat (1853), and by the 1900s, it was accepted in civilian kilt designs.

As fashions transformed, designs of the tailored kilt progressed to linings, waistbands, buckles and straps. Generally.

Modern day Scottish kilts have 29 pleats and are made using approximately 8 yards of tartan fabric.


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